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Stranwerry plants are groved for Viveros Campiñas
September 21, 2012, 11:06 am
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Stranwerry plants are groved for Viveros Campiñas in the adecuate time, thy are staid and startedin the international marquets, antheir aswell very considerated four their serius work thats jobed, quality plants for enjoyd tasted are keeper the maximum sensuality and when the field transformed this in feed, sure people take the best option to eatit.
Viveros Campiñas cares de productionts process and became specialy the taste and forms and presentations the firm, when the produced arrives to the markets consumer in Spains we was worked whith the metodik works to enmachine and it´s the best stranwerry plant for the consumer, anyway when the represent worksground in crops for the people iside job to coustumice, helath and cuality its care an safeced.