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Time to pass a few days ago in an apartment in Benidorm

Time to pass a few days ago in an apartment in Benidorm they rented my wife’s parents near the beach. His broken fibula bone because I had been kicked in the leg while leaning on a ladder so I catch between two steps which somehow made lever and had a fracture of the fibula bone. It was at the time working in a nightclub. After spending one month bedridden the doctor sea ​​bathing advise so we are taking the rented apartment in Benidorm to enjoy with the kids and my in-laws a few great days in the resort town. Being an apartment near the beach walking every day in both the morning and afternoon by the sea shore on the beach what came up very well to my leg and I recovered completely and now I walk a great . In Benidorm there are many hotels to stay from one or two stars to four or luxury hotels. In summer Benidorm is ideal for enjoying the bustle and it is estimated that there is a population of half a millionpeople so that you will not be bored. There are nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, … of many nationalities so you can enjoy different environments without leaving Benidorm. There are also theme parks Terra Mitica and Aquland where you will enjoy with the kids and not so young. You have the option to stay in a rental apartment in Benidorm or living some days in a four star hotel in Benidorm.


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