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How good would it be buying properties for sale in Spain?

How good would it be buying properties for sale in Spain?

This option may seem quite risky for some buyers but the determination to do so depends on the ability of financing and market opportunities that might be, but you can also find attractive properties for sale in Spain.

What is the situation of the average price of lands for sale in Spain? Since 2007, the onset of the global financial crisis, until this very moment the average price of lands for sale in Spain has decreased less than urban households, according to appraisal firm Tecnicasa. This is good news because it is not depreciated. According to this study, farms for sale in Spain have lost only 7% of its value. Moreover, continued their rising cost well into 2010. This decline represents the values ​​have returned to 2008. This is a good time to invest in farms for sale in Spain with the confidence that we will lose money on the investment properties for sale in Spain, as it does not lose value these farms for sale in Spain.

These data highlight two features of lands for sale in Spain, well known experts:

• The lands for sale in Spain have been and continue to be less prone to speculation. This creates greater stability and gives greater confidence (both owners of farms for sale in Spain and their prospective buyers in a context of investment). A good investment can be equestrian properties for sale in Spain, as we have many equestrian properties in Spain.

• The market for farms for sale in Spain is much more active than the housing. The equation between offer and demand remain stable, although obviously weaker than seven years ago because the crisis affects everyone. However, you can find good deals on equestrian properties in Spain.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your equestrian properties for sale in Spain.


Strawberry Plants
January 3, 2014, 12:33 pm
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The strawberry plant

The wild strawberry plant is well used as food and medicinal remedy, so it serves both the adventurous and for the survivor.

The strawberry plant as food

These fruits are rich in vitamin C but also provide other vitamins such as A or B, other than minerals, and other substances. They can be taken raw or served with cream, used in cakes and pastries, or even soaked in wine and sugar.

Strawberry plants grow wild storey so different problems can result as the appearance of parasites and be contaminated, or just an easy access to animals that can eat your strawberry plants, such as rabbits.

You can find many places where they sell strawbery plants for sale, so you can find your own strawberry plant and start experimenting with it.

The strawberry plant as a beverage

It can be used in the development of natural smoothies, sorbets, ice creams and juices. You can also prepare tea with the leaves of the strawberry plant. The best time to collect the necessary leaves of the strawberry plant is in early spring, because then they have less tannins and they are more palatable. You’ll get a very refreshing tea which will also provide different benefits because it is medicinal also.

The strawberry plant as a medicinal element

Eating raw strawberry plants has numerous properties and applications. It serves to alleviate various diseases like constipation and strengthen the body in cases such as anemia or lack of appetite. Moreover, as it is toning it regenerates the body and exerts a bracing action on it. Even more, the strawberry plant has a purifying effect on the body as it helps to eliminate the waste from the body and purifies the blood. It is great to mitigate this uric acid in cases of gout and arthritis.

The fruits should be harvested when they are mature enough, while the leaves (for medicinal purposes) are collected in summer as it is when the strawberry plant is in bloom. The roots can be harvested, however, both in spring and in autumn. You must air dry both roots and leaves.

The uses of the leaves and roots of strawberry plants are very diverse. They can be used in oral and throat inflammation (in cases as gingivitis, stomatitis and pharyngitis) in the form of mouthwashes and gargles. They are also used in poultices to treat skin cracks. As discussed above, infusions of strawberry plants for constipation and digestive conditions are used.

The method of preparation of these remedies is simple. For mouthwashes and poultices: it must be added to the infusion of two teaspoons of leaves of strawberry plant leaves, it is necessary to ingest three times of this infusion a day without adding any sugar. Instead, if we use the roots of strawberry plants, it should be one teaspoon and using the same method of preparation and application.