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Telecinco versus Youtube
July 24, 2008, 2:31 pm
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I whole has admitted that a demand for Tele5 against Youtube about what this channel Telecinco put videos. The funny thing is that you have uploaded the latest video that we put on operation triumph here, is sixteen years and has been the most awards I saw everyone needs to be fixed on the face of Ivan,:

Do not have that string Mejide abandonment room. More than fifty thousand visits in a couple of days has overtaken Chachi Goal . The case complain that the Telecinco that it subtracts visits to its site and makes it lose money. In somewhere wondering what would happen if: Youtube becoming increasingly difficult to see their videos Telecinco. When it sees a Spanish judge has admitted to the procedure. What Youtube makes clear in his Web to upload a video that does not infringe copyright, in this case are users who are breach of the rules. The truth is that many videos OT walk by 600,000 visits so that the sum of all can be impressive. We’ll see where it ends.


Chiki Chiki efect
April 6, 2008, 9:14 pm
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The effect chiki chiki Viral Marketing is a phenomenon worthy of comment. It is clear that television has a lot of power, but this mix of Television and the Internet to the viralidad surpassed, as it has come to Mobile Youtube and now also to the Web,
Ads on the Internet for free Announce that he had joined the effect chiki chiki and makes your Web Chiki chiki dancing and a video Youtube of chiki chiki
This virus has already been embedded in the minds of all Spaniards and hum the song although some hate, none indifferent. We will see if transcends borders…