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Viral Marketing Campaign
August 16, 2008, 9:49 pm
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We have presented a budget-project for a viral marketing campaign that certainly gives good results. Our goal is to achieve more than 300,000 visits in three months to a Web page. We also include the 35,400 entries in Google now, so we are advertising, visits to YouTube videos and a few more variables. We must start with an idea, then disseminate it, retransmit, consolidate, acquiring the critical mass and then exploit, to continue to keep it in time. Surely we succeed, and we’re going to put into operation several ways from the marketing system, our blog, and our tools. We also hope that your help and suggestions as always is never over.



The Campus Party Event
August 6, 2008, 4:39 pm
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It has held these days in Valencia Campus Party an event that gathers thousands of programmers, players, bloguers, developers… is very Fany a litel craizi. This year has been very good workshops and master classes. Where you learn, organize competitions, are participating in addition to having a very close contact with engineers and developers. Among other companies, since last year involved program with Google with whom I had the pleasure of learning, questions, resolve many of my doubts about their great tools APIs, OpenSocial and participate with a YouTube API in a contest where the prize was a fan! The important thing is to participate. Among the winners was Alberto developer with this application to display images of Paris and its location on the map, that would make the other four winners? In short: the campus party is a perfect event to learn, learn, enjoy and do networking, certainly repeat in next year.

Ah! We participate with a video of a monologue of a young man who goes without a computer: in youtube

We can translate this api with English subtitles when, for example. Happy Holidais