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Strawberry plants
November 12, 2013, 4:40 pm
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Located in the north of the province of Segovia, VIVEROS CAMPIÑAS S.C.A. is a cooperative dedicated to intensive irrigated agriculture. It has an ideal location where the terruar, water and climate make optimal the growing of strawberries and vegetables.

According to strawberry plants we have two categories of products within the strawberry plants. On one hand, they have the fresh strawberry plant, and secondly, the strawberry plant frigo (frozen). We have a great experience in strawberry plants in the cultivation of strawberry plants.

Traditional markets for fresh strawberry plant have been southern Spain (in areas like Huelva and Cádiz), Morocco and striking Italy and Greece in the Mediterranean countries. We offer in strawberry plants a wide variety of products to meet the demand of its different markets mentioned above. To begin earlier, to get the strawberry plants we produce potted plants with several volumes of alveoli. You can purchase your strawberry plant bare root.

To get strawberry plants we specialize in the production of strawberry frigo plants of day – neutral varieties (remontantes). They work mainly with varieties Albion, San Andreas and Portola.

We pay special attention to strawberry plants to the care of his fresh strawberry plants and strawberry plants frigo. Regarding to the care of the strawberry plants, it is a crop that can easily adapt to multiple types of climates. The optimal values ​​for fruiting recommended range around 15-20 ° C on average.

However, the strawberry plant needs to accumulate a certain number of chilling hours, always with temperatures below 7 ° C to facilitate vegetation and abundant fruiting. This condition is often not met in all locations, so it is advisable and necessary in turn develop plants at high latitudes.

Regarding the harvest, depending on the variety, can be carried out from late June until late August.

As for the quality and type of soil, one sandy or sandy loam and deep homogeneously would approach ideal for the cultivation of our strawberry plants and frigo.

The strawberry plant is a plant demanding organic material making it necessary to use dung about 3 kg/m2.